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Wii: No More Heroes

Reviewed by: Clarence Lum

Jan 22 2008
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Grasshopper

Three letters I think describe this game incredibly well, “WTF”. This game is by far one of the more over the top crazy games in a long time. And often the visuals deserve the question WTF? Things die all over the place, coins and blood squirt everywhere, the user interface has a tiger which from the offset looks incredibly random. Goichi Suda or Suda 51 as he’s more commonly known – the mind behind Clover Studios Killer 7 -- once again has constructed for us a crazy game with crazy visuals, but this time also is an incredibly fun experience.

The premise of No More Heroes is you – playing as the main character Travis - Touchdown – working your way up the assassination leaderboards in the California town of Santa Destroy. Missions have you slashing your way through Santa Destroy with your laser katana, hacking and slashing your way from assassin to assassin until you become number one. Summarizing the story to such a simple description though hardly does the game’s well written and developed characters justice. Like all stories the player must buy into the fiction of the world, but once bought; the stylish and well developed characters do a good job filling out the very extreme world of Santa Destroy. The dialog and voice acting really do the characters justice, from the sexy Sylvia – Travis’s guide up the leaderboards – to the over the top bosses.

The highlight of this game is the over the top combat. If you’re the type of player that feels like actions games on the Wii involve too much of wave your arms around like a maniac, then this is the action game for you. Swinging your laser katana is the simple press of the A button. Tilting the controller up and down determines whether or not you swing your sword high or low. Final blows and grapple moves often involve swinging your arm in the direction displayed on the screen but that for the most part is the extent of your manic arm waving. Killing things in No More Heroes is incredibly satisfying, with final blows remove body parts and shower the screen with red blood streams. The more you kill the more of a chance you get a special ability activated which is determined by a slot machine that randomly appears. And then sends the game into slow-mo, super fast attack and a whole host of other abilities.

When you aren’t killing everything you see, you travel around Santa Destroy in an open world environment where you can ride around on a giant futuristic motorcycle looking for jobs to do for money or acquiring clothes and weapons. The game has plenty of character customization options allowing you dress Travis in many outfits as well as reequip him with the best and badest weaponry. However, the main purpose of the open world areas is to get you from one job to the next. The missions are plentiful and for the most part varied. You get new missions each time you complete an existing one. All missions can be repeated and farmed for money.

No More Heroes isn’t graphically the most intense game, but it does incredibly well with the resources that the Wii has available. No More Heroes is incredibly colorful, with really harsh lighting choices making for a very comic or anime appearance. The palette is very bright and colorful, and definitely full of style. As good as this game looks and feels, its not without its flaws. Often times, your motorcycle will get stuck on world geometry, sometimes some missions appear to be perfect copies of one another. Like most Wii games theres very little control over the camera other than centering it behind Travis. Often in smaller indoor environments the camera cant be recentered at all. But flaws aside, No More Heroes is an incredibly fun game and probably one of the best action games for the console.

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