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To All of our Otaku supporters:

Thank you!

It has been a rough couple of years for Game Otaku. While our main investors decided the need for breaking down language barriers specifically for the video-gaming public was no longer worth their while, we have rallied support from our fans and will be bringing back Game Otaku to the stalwart example of cross-language gaming.

While our new lease on gaming media gives us a chance to offer what we have in the past we are required to shift formats in a few ways. We are now going to offer more traditional game reviews for games coming out in the near future in addition to reviews of games released in Japan. While our focus continues on the integrity of our walkthroughs and guides, we will have less and less time to check the accuracy of our translations.

This is where the Otaku community comes to the rescue. We are drafting a wiki which will allow the community to construct, edit, and rate translations and walkthroughs. This means the power will be in your hands to help your fellow Otaku.

We are greatly looking forward to the future of Game Otaku, and we thank each and every one of you for supporting our dreams in the past.


Chris Parmelee

Editor in Chief

Game Otaku


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