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GameOtaku is a venture into the world of import video gaming. Gaming has transformed over the years, and the need for translation has grown larger and larger. Yet the localization of video games still takes way too long! That is why we are here. The staff at GameOtaku has one mission in mind:

Be the #1 source for Import gamers.
GameOtaku is your source for menu translations, and general game information. So that you the gamer do not need to be fluent in Japanese to play a Japanese import, or vice versa. GameOtaku is also your source of reviews and previews of games import or not. To keep you informed of the latest in Gaming Information.

GameOtaku is also your source for the latest from the game developer's themselves. Gameotaku offers a chance for you the viewer to chat with, interview, even interrogate a game designer, or design team.

GameOtaku will offer much much more at launch in the near future, if you are interested in more informations, feel free to explore the site, or view our mission statement, and our recent announcement for the GDC.


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