Reviews | Previews | Otaku | Forums | Translations | About | Contact is a new venture, with a fresh staff of eager, willing, hardcore gamers who have taken it upon themselves to turn a dream into a reality. At we have been inspired to create a bi-national gaming site . With the help of a regional office in Japan , we are planning to host our site in two languages, English and Japanese as well as an extensive database of game menu translations , from English to Japanese and from vise versa.

As of today, the site is still in its third redesign. Attributed to financial problems last year, has been unable to fully develop our dream, until today. will be a hardcore, console, PC, anime, game/otaku-life oriented, community driven wiki site. We are planning to offer an outlet for hardcore gamers to meet with game designers/programmers in an online fanatic interview, as well as allowing our fan-base to head mast a forum of their specialty (game, or other).

Our current staff consists of editors and writers who have worked for Next Generation, Gamers eXtreme,, Game Revolution , and have some experience in the industry at Lucas Arts, Digital Eclipse, Nihilistic, and a few other smaller game design companies. We have an International relations staff that we like to consider as hardcore as the gamers who are expected at the site.

We are aiming for diehard import gaming fans , but the majority of our content is useful to the most mundane video game player . We are expecting, and prepared for, anywhere from 100 to 1000 CPM in the first month, and 1000+ for every month after launch. Our site will boast reviews ranging from the top equipment, console and PC games , as well as some of the most informative content on the net today.


Chris Parmelee

Editor in Chief


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